Integrative Medicine US Acupuncture in Coral Springs, FL does not share info with outside sources. All forms and medical records are confidential and private.

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Any forms submitted into our website, phone call, emails and text messages are all protected by HIPAA and we would never share any of your data with your name or personal information.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is a piece of United States legislation that provides total data privacy & security measures for safekeeping of medical records and information.

HIPAA Compliance makes the standard for protecting sensitive patient info. Any organization that works with protected health data must be sure that all necessary network, physical and process security measures are ready and followed correctly.

The sales, use, disclosure or access of unsecured Personal Health Information (PHI), in a way not allowed by HIPAA, which presents a serious risk of reputation, financial or other damage to the individual.

The reason of this federal statute was to assist patients to keep their insurance coverage, but it also includes a another set of rules called Administrative Simplification.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule sets national standards to safeguard medical info and other personal information and has to do with to health plans and health care providers that make health care transactions online

HIPAA also provides rules for patients to have access to their medical records at all times, within a reasonable time frame and there may be a small but fair cost associated with requesting printed records. But as a provider, should your doctor or you want a copy of your medical records, under HIPAA law, we would have to provide them. Integrative Medicine US Acupuncture in South Florida will provide any records requested but only to an authorized patient or the parent/legal guardian or someone who has power of attorney specifically stating they allow their medical records to be released to them.



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For more info on how our Acupuncture in South Florida offices protects your privacy, CONTACT US.

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One phone number for all 4 offices: Call 954.884.0099

One phone number for all 4 offices: Call 954.884.0099

One phone number for all 4 offices: Call 954.884.0099

One phone number for all 4 offices: Call 954.884.0099

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