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Does Acupuncture Actually Work?

YES, Absolutely! Most of our patients, about 80% or more have successful result. Naturally, it varies depending on underlying factors and specific conditions. But don’t trust our word, see what our patients have to say about it by clicking on, acupuncture testimonials.

Over the last few decades, many of the top institutions in the country such as MIT, Harvard, Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins and more have been conducting high quality research and started programs for Acupuncture and Alternative Health with statistically postive outcomes.

In 2017, both the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) & the American College of Physicians (ACP) began recommending that Western Medical Doctors learn about Acupuncture for patients that need pain management before prescribing heavy medications, due to the side effects, overdoeses and the on going opioid epidemic.

The WHO (World Health Organization) declared in 1999 that it is recognizing acupuncture as very effective for over 31 conditions, symptoms, and diseases that are tested in controlled clinical trials.

63 more conditons, symptoms, and diseases for which the effect of acupuncture has been shown to be therapeutic for, but further research is needed for proof.

And 9 symptoms, conditions or diseases for which there are only a few clinical trials reporting some positive effects, but which acupuncture is worth using because treatments of conventional therapies is not very effective.

Furthermore, is been successfully used for a period of over 3,000 years, on one of the biggest civilizations on the globe with a population 1.4+ Billion people. Overseas, there are hundreds of huge research universities and hospitals with hundreds of thousands of students learning, practicing and advancing the field daily. There is plenty of high-quality research in clinical settings that is published and accepted in medical journals, but rarely is it translated into English.

If you’d like to know how our Coral Springs Acupuncturists can assist you, click here for a free consult.

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative Medicine differs from conventional medicine in that the practitioners take into consideration the patient’s complete mental, physical, spiritual and emotional health. We look at all factors including lifestyle habit, diet, excercise and body type, not just the diagnosis. After reviewing all the above, we ask the patient their goals and draw up a simple and easy to follow plan that is individualized based on their needs.

It may include acupuncture, massage, vitamin iv or injections, cupping and dietary recommendations. We may send you out for additonal testing or refer to other medical specialists as well.

Any previous diagnosis or medications you are currently on will also be taken into consideration while making this plan and we will be happy to work with any of your existing doctors.

If conventional medicine has failed at resolving your issues, we have tools that can help. It doesn’t matter to us if it’s old or new, East or West, we will always do what is best for our patients!

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine differs from conventional medicine as we go further in depth into labaratory results that most traditonal doctors. While most medical professionals are only looking for red flags, we are looking for things that are borderline or any patterns that may be presenting.

We also have access to much more advancd testing that most doctors are willing to order if we deem it necessary to do so. With these advanced methods, we can look for any imbalances that may be undiagnosed, but are causing discomfort, pain and symptoms to our patients.

Once we review your medical history and lab work, we then might prescribe specific vitamins, herbs, supplements, dietary and lifestyle modifications to address the root cause of the problem, as well as the symptoms. These mehtods usually work a lot better for chronic conditions than the general pump and dump of medications that are often prescribed to only treat symptoms.

What kind of conditions do we treat with functional medicine?
Chronic Pain, Adrenal Fatigue, Thyroid, Auto-immune, Hormones,  OB/GYN, Inertility, Digestive Disorders, Brain Fog, Allergies, Skin Conditions, Stress/Anxiety, Insomnia, Sleep Disorders and much more.

If you would like to find out more about how functional medicine can help you, click here for a complimentary consultaion.

How much does it Cost?

Treatments prices vary depending on your individual needs and what modalities we use. See our treatments page for more info about the different types of services we offer.

*** All Law Enforcement and Veterans can apply for Discounts. Please ask us for details by, contacting us.

Do you Accept Insurance?

Yes, we do.

We accept Medicare, Cigna, United Health Care Humana, Careplus, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, VA Community Care and lots of other carriers.

However, not all health insurance plans cover Acupuncture services. We will have to verify your details in advance. Please call or text the office at 954.884.0099 or contact us today so we can get the verification process started. We should have an answer on your benefits within 24 hours, sometimes sooner.

What kind of Conditions do you work with?
Our Coral Springs Acupuncturists can help with a wide range of conditions. We have proven effective non-drug and non-surgical treatments for:

Back Pain, Sciatica, Neck Pain, Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain, Hormones, Fatigue, Thyroid, Autoimmune, Fertility, Digestive, Anxiety, Neuropathy, Menopause, Arthritis, Migraines, Plantar Fascitis, Depression, Stress, Headache, Tennis Elbow, Vertigo, PCOS, Reflux, IBS, Constipation, Colitis, TMJ, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Sleep Issues, Addiction, Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, PMS, Stroke, Mental, Emotional, Gastrointestinal, Immune, Allergy, Cardiovascular, Cold, Fever, Cough, Flu, Dementia, Diabetes, Slow Development in Children, Geriatrics, Pediatrics,  ADD/ADHD, Trigger Finger, Sprains, Spams, Kidney Stones, Gallstones, Trauma, Gout, High Cholesterol, Acne, Asthma, Bell’s Palsy, Nausea, Dental Pain, Vomiting, Ulcers, Colic, Shingles, Eczema, Sexual Dysfunction, Lactation, Cysts, Libido, Sore Throat, Urinary Issues, Prostate, Tonsillitis, UTI, Dysentery, Diarrhea and more.

Regardless of what the issue is, feel free to reach out for a complimentary consultation today to see if it something we can help you with. Even if it’s not on the list, just reach out today and ask us if we can assist. 954.884.0099

Our Coral Springs Acupuncturists have a history of success with even the most difficult cases.

What Should I Expect on my First Visit?
  • If you haven’t completed your paperwork online, please arrive about 15 minutes early.
  • Try to eat within a couple hours before your visits so your blood sugar is not too low.
  • After all the paperwork is complete, we will begin your initial intake
  • A typical eval takes about 15-30 minutes for your first visit and about 10-15 minutes for your treatment.
  • The entire process takes about an hour from start to finish, sometimes less, sometimes more.
  • We will be asking you many questions about your issues, your energy, sleep, bowels, cycle and more. Some of the quesitons may seem funny, but this info is very important in identifying the root cause of your problems and your underlying constitution.
  • Once we have the information we need, we will then lay out a simple and easy to follow treatment plan.
  • A typical session may consist of 5-12 acupuncture pins, some far-infrared heat or e-stim, and advice on nutrients, herbs and food. We may do some cupping or a few minutes of masage as well. It all depends on your individual needs that will be determined during the intake and your comfort level.
  • Treatments can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes and you will usually spend about 15-20 minutes on the table relaxing.
  • When you are done, you can take your time, have some water, or wash up in the restroom before you go. Most patients do well, but some may need a few minutes to pull themselves together as you may feel a bit sleepy and want to wake up before driving.

If you have more questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you.

Does it Hurt?

Not really. But some points and some people may be a little more senstiive than others. The overwhelming majority of patients have no issues and find the treatments to be quite relaxing. We have different options, such as laser and other modalities, if you just happen to be the one in a million that is just too sensitive.

Our Coral Springs Acupuncturists are highly trained to use the most gentle techniques. This way you will have a wonderful treatment while always staying comfy and relaxed.

Is it Safe?

 Totally Safe! Your health and safety is our #1 priority. If you have concerns about our protocols, please reach out to us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions.

Our acupuncture doctors are extremely well trained in and all have Clean Acupuncture Technique Certification. All acupuncture supplies are disposable, sterile and one-time use only. All our equipment is sanitized and cleaned between each use. Our acupucnture therapists are licensed with the State of Florida Department of Health and Nationally Board Certified by the NCCAOM. We have NEVER had an incident or injury in the history of our practice and acupuncture injuries are extremely rare. You are more likely to get bit by a shark, hit by lightning or win the lottery, all on the same day. Ok, that’s a stretch, but seriously, acupuncture injuries are almost unheard of. It’s much safer than conventional medicine.

National Certifcation Commission Acupuncture Oriental Medicine Header

Herbal Medicine, Supplements and Vitamins are considered to be super safe and have nearly no side effects compared with medications and over-the-counter drugs. The herbal formulas we use are only sold to licensed medical practitioners. They are lab tested in the USA to ensure quality, test for pesticides, heavy metals and contamination.

* Should you feel any discomfort or have any concerns, stop taking your formula and contact your practitioner immediately.

On very rare instrances, Acupuncture might cause a little slight bruising or tingling to the area and may last a few days. Cupping and Gua Sha(Scraping) can leave some visible bruising.

All the risks and benefits are explained prior to treatments so rest assured you will be in good hands with our friendsly staff.


How long does it take to work?


Great question! It really depends on how your body reacts to the treaments and how deep the condition is.

An acute flare up or something new may resolve in just a few treatments. A serious long term internal disease could take a few months or longer. During your intial intake, the clinician will give you more details about your treatment plan and what that will look like. If you have a lifelong progressive condition, it may just be about improving your quality of life and managing the severity of the symptoms.

Most patients respond positively, some are miracles, some have decent results and on rare cases, some people just need to try a different form of therapy.

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